Secondary Packaging

Easy - Cartoner


Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner for low speed


The Easy machine is designed for both hand-loaded and low speed applications and features  with the larger carton dimension range.

- Compact foot print
- Positive carton opening with overbreaking
- Sturdy balcony construction
- Best accessibility for changeover and cleaning
- Rapid changeover
- Best handling of product and cartons thanks to belt technology
- Glue or tuck carton closures
- Wide range of product infeed systems and optional systems (various coding systems, leaflet/ booklet, barcode readers, rejection groups)
- PLC Siemens as standard/other options are applicable

- Feeding of leaflets or booklets
- All controls for automatic running
- Variable data (embossing, ink jet, laser, hot foil coding)
- Barcode reading of cartons and leaflet
- Automatic feeding system for a wide range of pharmaceutical products
- Qualification documentation


IMA Safe