Secondary Packaging

AD8F - Cartoning machine


The AD8F filling wrapping machine is specially designed and engineered to package square and rectangular portions of processed cheese.

• Product Infeed:

  In-line synchronized belt from the ‘NCFR’ conveying/bundle forming device.

  The portions are fed suitably spaced, already grouped in the required arrangements.

• Cartoning Section:

  The formed bundle is hence carried to the cartoning station elevator where the cartons are formed around the product ("wrap-around" method).

• Cartons:

  Open flat-blanks for 2-4-6-8 count boxes. The blank will have the same features as the one already in use on your existing AM75 machine, anyway subject to Corazza specifications. The formed cartons will have tucked-in end flaps and glued longitudinal seam.


IMA Dairy & Food Corazza