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A83E / A83E-H - Cartoning machine

A83E / A83E-H

Intermittent Motion Cartoner


IMA Safe A83 is the perfect cartoning machine for blister packaging, as small-volume batches with very frequent changeovers can be linked  to all blister machines. The machine is available also for the packaging of cartons without closure flaps (sleeve).

The machine has only one motor and is mechanically reliable with low-cost size parts due to adjustable devices.
Changeovers are completely tool-free and performed in a series of patented rapid and pre-set operations, which can be carried out very easily.
The balcony construction and clean design ensures a better accessibility when compared to other manufacturers  machines of the same speed range.

- Easily accessible high capacity cartoning magazine with controlled and secure product and leaflet insertion into the carton.
- Simple and low-cost maintenance due to its very robust and simple mechanical design.
- Fully GMP compliant.
- Very quiet run mode.
- Very small footprint allowing installation in a small production area.

Available in two versions: A83E and A83E-H

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