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CT10 - Tea bag packaging machine


The new CT10 machine for tetrahedral filter bags encompasses the highest level of currently available technology in a complete line with an exceptionally reduced footprint.

IMA offers the perfect high speed solution - 300 bags per minute - to the demand for long leaf tea and herbs packaging, reinveinting a tetrahedral bag with string and tag that guarantees product integrity for optimum infusion efficiency. Taking advantage of the shape, the bag allows tea leaves more room to move and infuse for a better brew.

The CT10 offers the possibility to run both woven and non-woven filter bag materials enhancing their transparency features and resulting in a see-through filter bag able to highlight the natural form of tea and herbs.

From the forming of the filter bag material tube, complete with tag and cotton thread, passing through the transversal cutting of single empty bags, each tetrahedral bag takes shape step by step and then passes to the central wheel for filling, closing and final sealing.

Respecting IMA’s traditional standards, the CT10 has been designed as a complete packaging line producing a high quality product complete with  the final packaging into cartons. the cartoning attachment fitted on the CT10 machine allows the packaging of cartons from a minimum of 20 to a maximum of 25 tetrahedral bags. The elegant tetrahedral bag dictates a top quality carton style and for this reason the CT10 cartoning attachment produces stylish  reclosable caddy cartons which  remain intact after opening and are completely ideal for personalization.

The whole working cycle logic and quality control are achieved by a PLC. All main machine stations have been provided with a specific product control device to guarantee maximum product quality. 

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