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C58 - Tea bag packaging machine




Highly reliable and versatile, the C58 combines high speed production (300 teabags per minute) with a variety of packaging solutions, starting for example, from simple naked bags up to final packaging into cartons of different styles or, to mention one, pouches. 

Consolidated technologies for the handling of tea and herbs match with newly designed solutions for the production of a new and noteworthy style of teabag with the aim to transform a simple single bag into a graceful and unique teabag. 

A new style of single chamber has arisen as a result of the combination of an innovative bag forming process and the well-known, consolidated knot technology.

The new single chamber C58 filter bag guarantees optimum infusion efficiency thanks to a newly designed gusseted bag allowing tea or herbs more room to move and infuse for a better brew. 

IMA offers the option of individually wrapping the C58 filter bag in either heat-sealed or crimped outer envelopes. 

Flexibility achieves its maximum, goal on the C58 by offering the greatest variety of final packaging solutions to respond to any market demand and dedicated requests:

- Automatic cartoning attachment from flat blank
- Automatic cartoning attachment for pre-erected cartons
- Stacking and hand removal
- Flow-pack and pouches solutions

The whole working cycle logic and quality control are achieved by a PC, software compliant with the IEC 1131-3 standards.

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