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Medium speed double chamber with knotted string and hard tag and NO aluminium staple

Automatic tea bag packaging machine for non heat-sealable double chamber filter bags with knotted string, hard tag but without aluminium staple. Mindful of preserving the precious nature and qualities of tea, the C27 has been developed by IMA to respond to market demands for lower production but high quality machinery that maintains the traditional concept of flexibility combined with the highest product quality. 

The IMA C27 filter bag is based on a traditional non heat-sealable double chamber bag that guarantees optimum infusion efficiency enabling the natural tea aroma to flow out. Fixing is achieved by two simple knots, one to fix the cotton thread to the top of filter bag and the other to fix the cotton thread to the tag. No metal staple or additional packaging materials are required. This innovative feature avoids the presence of metallic material during infusion, whilst guaranteeing, at the same time, a discerning and functional filter bag. To comply with IMA’s traditional concept of versatility and flexibility, the C27 offers a wide range of filter bag sizes and packaging solutions to suit all product specifications.


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