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C24-T - Tea bag packaging machine




The new C24-T has been designed as a simplified , cost-effective solution, whilst maintaining the same high efficiency level as that achieved by the C24-E model.

Higly reliable and speed-oriented, the C24-T deals solely with knotted naked bags and fits perfectly into existing packaging lines where black tea or free-flowing products are being handled.

Optimum efficency and precision, together with a compact footprint make the C24-T the ideal choice to guarantee excellent productivity while limiting costs to what is strictly essential.

The revolutionary idea of the C24-T filter bag, based on a traditional non heat sealable double chamber bag, guarantees optimum infusion efficency enabling the natural tea aroma to flow out. No metal staple or additional packaging materials are required to fix the bag to the tag and the cotton thread. Fixing is achieved by two simple knots, avoiding the presence of metallic material during infusion. Accoridng to IMA'S versatility and flexibility traditional concept, the C24-T offers a wide range of filter bag sizes to suit all product specifications and market demand.


IMA combines top performance and top quality filter bags achieving a maximum production speed of 400 bags per minute.

To complete the whole production cycle, the C24-T can be equipped with a simplified automatic cartoning attachment for pre-erected cartons able to pack from a minimum of 15 to a maximum of 100 naked bags on four rows (production speed: maximum 30 boxes per minute).

The new C24-T fits perfectly into existing packaging lines thanks to the simplified partial cartoning unit allowing the filling of previously erected artons that can be automatically closed on the machine for a ready to go package. The great flexibility of this packaging unit, also allows the carton closure to be achieved on a separate end of line closing unit according to specific production needs.

Particular attention is paid to the fundamental opportunity of connecting the new C24-T to downstream units for end of line packaging. A simple set-up is foreseen for signal transmission between the machines.

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