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C24-E - Tea bag packaging machine




The new C24-E represents the latest generation of tea bag machine for knot technology, a unique machine able to produce knotted tea bags at a production speed mof up to 400 bags per minute ensuring the highest efficiency rates.

The revolutionary idea of the C24-E filter bag, based on a traditional non heat sealable double chamber bag, guarantees optimum infusion efficiency enabling the natural tea aroma to flow out. No metal staple or additional packaging materials are required to fix the bag to the tag and the cotton thread. Fixing is achieved by two simple knots.

This innovative feature avoids the presence of metallic material during infusion, whilst guaranteeing, at the same time, a discerning and functional filter bag. According to IMA's versatility and flexibility traditional concept, the C24-E offers a wide range of filter bag sizes to suit all product specifications and market demand.

The C24-E filter bag can be wrapped individually in a protective paper outer envelope crimped sealed at the sides,  resulting in a hygienic, tasteful and functional solution. The C24-E can be equipped to produce either naked bags or crimped outer envelopes. Changing the packaging style on the machine can be achieved easily, quickly and at any time.

To preserve the aroma of herbs, flavoured teas, pharmaceutical infusions and superior tea blends, the C24 -E offers the possibility to overwrap the filterbag in a heatsealed, airtight and waterproof outer envelope. To open the envelope it is enough to tear the upperseal by using the appropriate cut out notch.

To complete the whole production cycle, the C24-E is equipped with an automatic cartoning attachment from flat blanks, available in two different versions, that permits the packaging of filter bags in different final carton styles according to such criteria as product integrity, personalization, style and cost saving. As well the standard tuck-in closure cartons, further options are also available: - Tear Strip Closure carton, - Kurzlaschen Closure carton, - Caddy Closure carton.

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