Primary Packaging


High speed heat-sealed double chamber with string and tag and NO aluminium staple

High Speed completely automatic tea bag packaging machine for heat-sealed double chamber filter bags with string, tag but without aluminium staple. IMA responds to the increasing market demand for high efficiency, high quality and reliability with the new C2002, the result of IMA’s experience and know-how combined with the highest levels of technology currently available. 

The C2002 reflects the best possible solution for high capacity, product protection and incomparable flexibility. The C2002 is the only solution available on the market to produce, on the same machine, naked bags, crimped and heatsealed outer envelopes at a production speed of 600 cycles per minute.
To complete the whole production cycle, the C2002 is equipped with an automatic cartoning attachment from flat blanks and is available in two different versions : from 1 to 2 rows and from 1 to 3-4 rows. A wide range of carton sizes are available and a quick size changeover is guaranteed. Non free-flowing products can be easily packed thanks to an innovative product vibrating feeding system.


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