Primary Packaging


High speed fold wrapping machine for Gum Slabs/Sticks.
Innovative Twin Lane configuration allows very high and reliable performances combined to an accurate and gentle handiing of the products.

The desing has very compact footprint, suitable for reduced spaces. The machine wraps up to 3000 slabs per minute in single fold wrap style. Products grouping at machine outfeed and trandsfer to further packaging. 


Main Features:


- Twin lane machine design
- Fold wrap style
- Speed up to 3000 slabs per minute
- Optimezed product handling on twin lane with minimized mechanism wearing given by a linear speed reduction
- Compact machine design 
- Format part design engineered to reduce machine sensibility to product thickness variation
- Rotating cutting device unit for product pre-cut on gum sheet
- Flexible single wrapped slabs grouping system at machine outfeed, capable of collating up to 8 slabs per group
- Integrated merging unit for single lane wrapped slabs outfeed to downstream equipment
- Automatic film splicing device
- Automatic film tracking device for high quality wrapping
- Build up reduction on parts in contact with the product by means of cooling transport system unit (optional)
- High capacity gum sheet loading unit (optional)
- Servomotor configutation for high machine flexibility
- Plug in design on main groups for quick size change anfd maintenance procedures
- Designed according to Hygienic, ergonomics and safety standards
- Wide size touch screen Operating Panel
- Remote assistance