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The Ermetika hot fill is a high-speed continuous motion rotary machine assembling & sealing spouts and premade pouches.

Through the hot fill technology the product, filled at high temperatures (85 – 95°C), sterilizes the pouch and the cap.



- High hygienic level granted: separation between pouch making and filling areas and frameless design.

- “Filling through the spout” system: the spout is sealed on the pouch before filling. This allows the 100% filling of the pouch using all its capacity material savings.

- Extended and continuous welding time.

- Flexible system to handle film and spout/caps from different suppliers.

- Huge flexibility in terms of pouches’ shape and size. 

- Leaking test available: it is the only machine on the market able to control the sealing of the pouch.

- Patent pending: thanks to the leaking test system, we can grant less than 1:30.000 leak compared to 1:10.000 of the other technologies available on  the market.

- Compact footprint: a reduced layout especially at medium and high speed.

- Extended shelf life and aseptic version available.