Primary Packaging

Heat-sealed soft and hard pods for coffee in boxes


The new IMA CA6 is the most simple and compact monobloc available on the market able to produce, in modified and conditioned atmosphere, 130 soft or hard pods per minute containing coffee on a single line. The line provides for pod protection by inserting it into a heatsealed outer envelope; while final packaging is achieved by programmable counting and fully automatic cartoning.

The simple and modular system on which the CA6 design is based, is most evident in its extreme accessibility, for size changeovers and maintenance, as well as in the simple connection with end of line machines as an alternative to the cartoning attachment.

The reduced size of the sealing groups and of the packaging hood inside which the entire pod production cycle until its packaging into the outer envelope is performed, results in a sensible reduction of power consumption for each unit produced as well as of nitrogen.

The simplifying strategy applied to achieve the new CA6 has not involved the advanced system for coffee dosing which is already perfectly consolidated on other packaging lines guaranteeing a homogeneous and precise coffee distribution inside the pod as well as accurate compression, precise pod profile and excellent cleaning.

The whole production cycle is controlled and handled by an integrated PC that guarantees the correct machine operation and above all the final product quality.