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Multifill F540 - Filling machine

Multifill F540

Medium speed rotary filling machine


The Multifill F500 series, produced by IMA LIFE, includes medium speed rotary filling machines designed to handle a wide range of containers and closures, up to 400 bpm with a dosing capacity of up to 300 ml. Highly flexible and designed with constructive modularity, these machines are very well known for their robustness and reliability.

F540 is supplied with 12 dosing units, can reach an output of up to 400 pcs/min and a dosing capacity of up to 300 ml.
Its dosing system (volumetric dosing pumps with separated front valve) is ideal for a variety of products, such as shampoos, health and skin care lotions, detergents or viscous products.
The filling circuit of the machine consists of two parts: a vessel and a manifold for product feeding and valve, syringe or nozzle unit. In order to achieve quick and easy cleaning the filling unit can be separated from the feeding one by loosening a single screw.
F540 is suitable for applications requiring stand-alone dosing machine that can be combined with different closure types.

- constructive modularity
- easy size change-over
- compact overall design
- CIP/SIP systems of the filling circuits
- AISI 304 and AISI 316L st. st, or ceramic for the parts in contact with the product

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