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Single and collator overwrapping machine


The AC120 is a single overwrapping machine suitable to handle cosmetic cartons with glossy finish at very high speeds. The machine has been specifically designed to satisfy the requirements for high quality overwrapping typical within the cosmetic industry, it can, however, also be used for any other overwrapping application.

The sealing of the cross film overlap is made on the back edge of carton to keep the main faces totally free of marks or wrinkles. The cantilever design structure allows easy access to the working area and makes it simple to maintain. The machine can run heat sealable plastic films such as polypropylene, PVC or cellophane fed from a reel. To achieve high speeds, the film feeding system is positioned at a right angle to the product flow and is performed by positive upper and lower toothed belts.

The cartons are individually taken through the side film folding plates and the reciprocating dot sealers by bottom belts with lugs. As dictated by the most modern technology, the machine is widely equipped with servo-controlled motors. As a matter of fact the entire film feeding and positioning system together with the devices to control the carton during the transversal sealing operation are driven by servo-motors which means dedicated strokes and motion profiles for each specific product.

What makes the AC120 totally unique on the market is the fact that it can automatically switch from one film reel to another without stopping the machine. While the machine is running, the operator can place the new film reel on the second spindle and the film run out detector triggers the system to carry out the automatic change.

No more line downtime to change the film reel. The size change-over can be carried out without using tools in about 5 minutes. To minimize the number and consequently the costs of the change parts the machine is equipped with adjustable folding plates which can cover a wide range of carton heights.

As an optional item, a fully electronic system is available where all adjustments are driven by servo-motors and all size data is stored into the memory of the machine thereby requiring no human intervention.