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A50 - Overwrapping machine


Automatic overwrapping machine

This machine is specifically designed for the food, tea and cosmetic markets, meets the request of reduced overall dimension, accessibility, a very easy size changeover procedure and maximum reliability.
it is possible to automatically wrap cartons, trays, bundles and other parallelepiped products with heat sealable materials from reel of cellophane, pp, pvc, ecc.
This automatic wrapper is produced with mechanical movements to guarantee reduced maintenance.

The machine is equipped with plc as standard and the following main groups:
- electronic system, noise level and operator’s guard according to European standard
- Film unwinding by means of driven drums to move the fi lm under the cutting guillotine knife
- innovative fi lm transport system designed to allow the use of difficult and thin films
- lateral folding box with second and third fixed folders
- lateral reciprocating heat sealing plates
- centralized adjustments equipped with digital indicator for size changeover
- reel holder with quick release and fixed stop to facilitate the reel replacement.

Optional groups

- Tear tape application
- electronic fi lm unwinding
- printed film registration
- reel trimming unit
- on edge transversal sealing
- Film perforation
- wheels for machine displacement
- lateral sealing belts
- Use of not heatsealable material, e.g Kraft paper