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Flex Line
Complete line for packaging

Flex Line

FLEX-LINE is the right answer to the flexibility requirements of the today’s industry. When a high degree of flexibility is required, the Flex-line is the ideal solution.
Thanks to the direct drive technology which is the core of the FLEX-LINE design, extreme flexibility, fast engineering development and quick time to market are guaranteed.
An easy handling and a fast installation time are granted by the simplicity of the line as well as a friendly maintenance and a drastic reduction of the spare inventory.

FLEX-LINE advantages:
 - Open architecture
 - Fast size changeover
 - Fast complete changeover (different packet‘ shape)
 - Production speed capability
 - Overall decrease of rejects
 - Floor space reduction - compact system
 - Reduced Inventory
 - Reduction of noise level
 - Energy recovery system
 - TTR reduction - fast jam removal
 - Saving on transport and Installation time
 - Predictive maintenance
 - Simplified and reduced maintenance