Assembling Technology


Key Processes

Our strategy is to focus on understanding the underlying processes that are essential in order to manufacture a product.  Whether its ultrasonic welding, heat staking, UV curing, or tube coiling - Medtech has the experience and depth of understanding to seamlessly integrate the process into an assembly system.  We often get involved early in the product development effort in order to assist our customers in tuning and defining the process parameters, engineering “Proof of Principal” tools as part of a project – after all, the best assembly solutions are the ones that have already been proven to work. Our experience of over 45 years and hundreds of successful projects covers an extensive range of processes.



The measurement of a flow through an orifice or a leakage inside a volume is a requirement for many medical devices. Medtech has developed its own solution with the process validation associated to perform fast and accurate tests integrated directly on the assembly line.

Application examples are:

- High pressure leak test up to 26 bar
- Flow test inside a spray channel to detect plastic molding flash particle
- Plume detection
- Micro-hole detection inside an urinary catheter


Medtech offers custom marking and labelling solutions adapted to the product and customer requirements such as tampography/pad printing, ink jet or laser printing. The marking process can integrate dying process or plasma treatment if required.



The precise positioning and quantity of fluids such as glue, reagents or any other substance has a great influence on the overall quality of the medical device involved. Medtech has at its disposal many different solutions and will make a selection according to the customer's specification.

A few examples are:

- Micro-dosing systems with a quantity as small as 50 picolitres
- Volumetric systems for use with adhesives and spraying systems for silicone coating needles and other surfaces


Medtech has acquired a long experience in bending various types of needles with outside diameters starting at 0.3mm and a tolerance bending of +/- 1%.


Medtech can offer various technical solutions to feed needles for a wide range of needle gauges, lengths and assembly speed.
All solutions are engineered for ease of use in production and maintenance.


In many instances, surface treatments such as plasma or corona discharge are required to ensure the optimal performance of medical devices.
Integrating these complex processes is a major challenge, given the limitations imposed by the materials themselves. Medtech has integrated plasma & corona treatment directly on the assembly line for various plastic and metallic surfaces.


Medtech has developed and implemented a proven technology to dispense silicone on various devices such as needles, syringes barrels or urinary catheters. 


A unique in-house process has been developed to form tips or flares with various materials. Plastic heating by induction or a heating cartridges system allow quick and repetitive cycles for the automation industry.

Recent application examples are:
- urinary catheters tip forming, luer to tube assembly and insulin dispensing cannula.


Tube coiling & wrapping of various tubes, diameters and speeds. The rotation, the wrapping and positioning are fully programmable, including tape wrap once coiled.
The assembly lines maintain a high throughput rate without ever letting the tension on the tube exceed critical levels.
The system is fast, modular and flexible. It can be configured for different tube sizes, number of turns and coil diameters. 


Our vision team specialists have developed fast, sensitive and accurate vision check adapted to any products size, type and final vision requirements.

Some applications examples are:

- Part orientation
- Plastic parts final assembly checks
- Integrity and shape inspection
- Print quality inspection

Medtech has developed its own Vision Platform (based on standard components such as Cognex) including the following standard functions/models:

- Viewer
- Security Management
- Calibration
- System Checks: light and focus
- Logs
- Statistics
- System Validation Hardware and Process


According to our customers' needs and its products requirements, our process engineers team has integrated, adapted or developed specific processes such as:

- Web handling
- Flex feeding system
- Robot handling with vision system for the positioning
- Pull test
- Packaging integration
- Vials & carpules handling
- Swaging
- Grease dosing system
- Ultrasound welding system
- Spring feeding