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17/12/2014 - Supply of a Corazza machine for butter to the company MEGGLE AG, Germany




In February 2014 Corazza, leader in the production of dosing and wrapping machines for processed and fresh cheese, butter and paste soup cubes and dosing and pressing machines for pressed soup cubes, supplied an:


Automatic Dosing, Wrapping and Boxing Machine for Butter small portions to the company MEGGLE AG, Wasserburg am Inn, Germany.


The company MEGGLE, established in 1887, ranks today among the most renowned manufacturers of dairy products not only in Europe but also in Asia and America.

The Group has a global headcount of more than 2,500 and generates a turnover of approx. 1 billion Euro with the development, production and marketing of high-quality milk and whey products.


The relationship between Meggle and Corazza is consolidated from several years of mutual partnership, where Corazza supplied the first butter machine in 1992, the FB220.


With the FB8-ST8-AB8 Line we have strengthened the relationship with Meggle: this line can dose and wrap portions of 10, 15 or 20 grams with a production capacity of up to 800 portions/minute, several tastes, in single foil portfolio, thus guaranteeing a better product protection and a higher packaging quality.


The FB8 is a 4-head machine producing at each cycle 4 portions simultaneously.


The dosing system is composed by 4 pairs of dosing pistons (= 8 pistons) whereas each pair serves one portion alternately. Each of the 8 dosing pistons has its own servo-motor which drives and controls each single piston independently. At the out-feed of the FB8-machine there is a 4-lane check-weigher installed weighing each single portion and provide an electronic feed-back to the related servo-motors of the dosing pistons. This feature grants high accuracy and precision for the single portion and allows running in a very narrow range of the declared portion weight, subsequently saving money over the long run.


The system gives high flexibility on the dosage of different recipes and accuracy during dosing operations. The FB8 is especially designed to handle with great care the product to maintain intact the required characteristics enabling long terms production runs without any microbiological variations on the product. To achieve highest flexibility in the butter dosing the dosing system is driven (by servo-motors) fully independent from the main machine.

Dosing system and product hopper are cleaned via automatic CIP (Cleaning-In-Place).