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25/01/2012 - Gima innovation technology is moving faster: new flat blank cartoner FCW300

The FCW300 machine was designed to pack bags, blisters, gums, chocolate bars up to 300 pieces per minute, starting from flat blanks instead of pre glued cartons.

This choice resulted in:
1. Cheaper cartoning machines
2. Increased flat blank magazine capacity: 3 times greater than with pre-glued cartons
3. Possibility to pack carton shapes and closures different from the parallelepiped of pre glued cartons.

The first models of this machine were delivered to Gum multinationals for slabs regularly wrapped in cartons with wallet opening. Customers favored this machine both for the speed and flexibility to handle different packaging shapes for their products.
Its construction is extremely solid and easy to manage for operators. The cantilever design assures the separation of the product transport area from the mechanical devices and drives.

With the creation of a highly versatile cartoner, such as the FCW300 machine, allowing easy change-over, Gima (IMA Industries) is definitely bringing a true innovation in the field of high speed cartoning .