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30/01/2014 - Corazza M840 Mixing machine for different flavored portions of processed cheese

M840 Mixing machine for processed cheese

Corazza, involved since ever in the multiflavor machines for wedges, is now offering a new end of line packing machine: the M840, with the aim to simplify the production of multiflavor boxes, increasing flexibility for any type of need, marketing or standard production.
The M840 is a mixing machine equipped with 8 independent magazines that allows the flexibility to have a final box filled with portions from 2 to 8 different flavor in several configurations, such as:

-          2 flavors (4+4 per each flavor)
-          3 flavors (3+3+2 per each flavor)
-          4 flavors (2+2+2+2+ per each flavor)
-          8 flavors (1 portion per each flavor)

Each magazine is fed with single flavor cooled wedges packed in the final box. The machine automatically opens the box and selects a portion from each magazine and mixes them in the new desired configuration, that is reinserted automatically in the starting box. No waste of any packaging material nor additional costs for intermediate ones.
In this way, the customer avoids the issues and complications deriving from the necessity to produce multiflavor product at the same time. This is reflected in minor losses of efficiency, and in increasing of run time of every single flavor, minimizing as well change over times and getting higher efficiencies.
The M840, as optional, can be equipped with a leaflet feeding device. The leaflets are taken from the magazine and placed on the top layers of the box before the box is closed.
The production capacity of this machine is 30 multi-flavor boxes, single layer, per minute.