Pharma and Medical devices

Pharma and Medical devices

IMA develops and manufactures sophisticated, customer specific machine systems for the automatic assembly of mass-produced medical products, such as inhalers, insulin delivery and injection systems.


INHALERS: Inhaler devices in various product development and industrialisation stages:

- Pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler (PMID)
- Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI)
- Breath Activated Inhaler (BAI)
- Complex dose counting systems sub-assembly


PENS AND AUTO-INJECTORS: Auto-injectors, disposable insulin pens, multi-use pens and needle free injectors, from Proof of Principles to High Volume Production lines.


INSULINE PUMP: Insulin pumps and patch pumps assembly systems: (micro) needle bending and siliconisation, precision assembly of micro-elements, fluid dispensing, tube coiling/handling and electronic components integration.


INFUSIONS SYSTEMS: Infusion systems such as infusion sets, Y-sites or cannulas.


SYRINGES AND NEEDLES: From prefilled syringes to complex safety syringe assembly.


OTHER PRODUCTS: Some examples of other product assembly are fuel cells, filters, check valves, luer lock, balloon pressure pumps, catheters, contact lenses and nasal inhalers.